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Your small town outdoor store, taking care of customers in a big way. 


Nature's Prize is committed to taking care of each and every outdoorsman and outdoorswoman who walks through our doors. From firearms to fishing, we take the time to make sure that we meet your every need. We pride ourselves on taking the time to make sure that we know what our customers want and need, and commit ourselves to expanding our capabilities through the wholesalers and vendors at our disposal.


At Nature's Prize, you'll find long guns, handguns, ammo, a full-range of archery products, including Elite, Bowtech, Diamond, PSE, Bear, and Athens Archery bows, crossbows, hunting gear, trapping supplies, fishing tackle, and live bait. And if you happen to get that trophy you were targeting, we offer taxidermy services that we also know will meet and exceed every customers' expectations. 

We're not a big box store, and we won't ever be. The outdoors is our passion; this is why Nature's Prize exists. Meeting our customers' needs means too much to us for us to ever get impersonal. Stop in and see what we're all about--you won't be disappointed! 


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