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A full-service archery shop. Gunsmithing. Taxidermy. Every day advice from your local, small town outdoor store. It's all here, at Nature's Prize.
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If you have a problem, we have a solution. Curtis Berghorn is our gunsmith, and if you've ever had a question pertaining to guns, he's got the answer. Nature's Prize commits itself to professional and quick service for all your gun needs. From scope mounting to bluing, and everything in between, bring your gun in be serviced with us and you won't be disappointed. 



This is where Nature's Prize got its start. We set you up for success through the retail side of our business, and then we celebrate that success with you through our taxidermy services. Certified and trained in taxidermy, Dave ensures that his work stands apart from all the rest--in a good way, not that "What in the world is that?" way. His work is on display in our store, and we're committed to making sure that we honor your trophies with impeccable work and timeliness. Find our taxidermy price list here

Archery Pro Shop


Full service, from beginning to end. When you purchase a bow at Nature's Prize, you're not just making an out-the-door investment; you're getting a commitment from us that not only is your bow properly set up for your success, but that any future needs will be met. You shoot your bow in our archery lanes before you leave our store, ensuring that biggest worry is what stand to hunt out of. Need lessons? We do that too. From beginners to more technical advice, we'll take the time to make sure we do our best so you can do your best. Check out some of the brands we carry here

Everything Outdoors, Every Day


"Where they catching them right now?" "What are they using?" "How's the rut going around here?" "What sight do you recommend?" "What choke should I use for goose?" "I got a question for you..." Every day, these are the kind of questions you'll hear asked in our store. And every day, you'll hear the answers too. We don't do impersonal, "too busy to talk" business; we do "you're important to us, let's talk" business at Nature's Prize. We get your kid set up with a bow that will grow with them. We start you off with filling your first tackle box. And we keep meeting your needs after that It's what we do--every day. 

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